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Come and join us for our monthly meetings.

3rd Tuesday, every month at 7:00pm, Northbrook Clubhouse /Canceled due to Covid-19


2020 Events
(Mark Your Calendars)
  • Kids Day at the Park; Canceled due to Covid-19

  • Easter Egg Hunt at the Park; Canceled due to Covid-19

  • Neighborhood Yard Sale Canceled due to Covid-19

  • Pool & Clubhouse is open with limitations due to Covid-19.  Pool Max capacity is 30# patrons (no guests), and clubhouse rental limit is currently 15# patrons

  • Pool Opening Party; Canceled due to Covid-19

  • Fall Community Garage Sale TBD



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City of Houston Trash

Weekly Automated Garbage                                         Thursday
Weekly Automated Yard Trimmings                             Thursday
Bi-Weekly Automated Recycling                                   Thursday
Monthly Heavy Trash                                          2nd Friday of each Month
Odd Numbered Months = Tree Waste Only
Even Numbered Months = Junk Waste

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This is in response to a growing list of deed restriction violations that are affecting our home values and we need your help. Below is a list of the most common deed violations and suggestions. Please take the time to evaluate your property and work to correct any violations you may have.

In a positive way, here's what The Board would like you to do, both homeowner and lessee;

DO, remove all trash and trash cans from the front of your property regularly;
DO, cut and edge your grass regularly;
DO, water your lawn regularly so it stays healthy;
DO, trim your bushes and trees so that they do not obstruct sidewalks or your neighbor's property;
DO, repair broken windows, doors and garage doors;
DO, paint your home to avoid fading and rotting wood;
DO, remove mildew from brick and siding;
DO, keep your fencing in good repair;

DO, repair your sidewalks and keep them clean
DO, keep your driveway free of stains and discoloring;
DO, keep vehicles from the front of your home that are not moved daily;
DO keep your pets safe by keeping them on a leash;
DO, interact with your neighbors to know them and help them keep our neighborhood beautiful;
DO, help us maintain a safe neighborhood by reporting criminal activity and mischief that destroys our greenways, playground, and pools.
DO, support our efforts by paying your neighborhood dues.
DO, support the Board's efforts by telling us concerns you have so we can help you and our neighbors return this area to an exemplary neighborhood in which to live in.

Remember, neighbors, a home is more than just a roof over your head, or a place to go after work, your home is the most valuable asset you own. It is a reflection of who you are, your interests, your successes, in both your career and life. Therefore, maintaining, nurturing and enhancing its appeal makes perfect sense.

Every home improvement you make increases the value of your home.



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